Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring is available to both individuals and companies and is the process of reorganizing your finances and operations to avoid insolvency and restore financial health. Restructuring can be a useful tool to free up cash-flow to improve a business’s or individual’s liquidity position and make their debt load more manageable.

Depending on the circumstances, there are a wide range of actions that can be taken. For example, where there are loans involved, negotiate on your behalf with the lenders to reduce debt payments, extend repayment periods and even reduce interest rates.

In other debt circumstances, restructuring may include selling off non-core assets, streamlining operations to reduce costs and in the case of a company, undertaking debt-for-equity swaps. 

Debt restructuring can provide a company or individual with the breathing room it needs to get back on track. Our experienced team have the expertise as well as the market knowledge to be able to get you the most optimal solution for your needs. 

  • What is debt restructuring?

    Debt re-structuring is a formal process that allows companies and businesses that are facing financial difficulties to renegotiate its debts in an attempt to improve cash flow and continue trading.

    Debt restructuring can be a good idea if you are having trouble affording your monthly or regular payments and will depend on your overall financial situation and the types of debt restructuring that your lender offers.

  • How does debt restructuring work?

    Debt restructuring involves getting lenders or other creditors to agree on reduced monthly payments, reduced interest rates or spreading payments over a longer period. This is done in an effort to improve a company or individual’s chances of paying back its obligations.

    This usually starts when you are at risk of defaulting on a payment and is often used as a last resort before any formal proceedings.

  • What are the benefits of debt restructuring?

    Provides financial relief: Debt restructuring can help lower your monthly payment or extend your repayment period, giving you some breathing room in your budget.

    You can avoid defaulting on your loan: If you’re struggling to make your monthly payments, debt restructuring can extend your repayment period, lower your interest rate, or even have some of your balance forgiven.

  • Who can help with debt restructuring?

    There are various professionals who can help with debt restructuring depending on the situation and the complexity of the debt:

    1. Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) are licensed professionals who are qualified to deal with debt restructuring, insolvency, and liquidation. They can provide advice on debt restructuring options and guide a company through the restructuring process.
    2. Accountants: Accountants can provide financial analysis and advice on debt restructuring. They can help a company prepare financial forecasts and identify areas of the business that can be improved to reduce costs and increase cash flow.
    3. Specialist Debt Restructuring Firms: Specialist firms can provide advice and support on debt restructuring, including negotiating with creditors, developing a debt restructuring plan, and implementing the plan.

    It is important to choose a professional who has experience and expertise in debt restructuring, as this is a complex area that requires a thorough understanding of the legal and financial implications of different debt restructuring options.

  • What is the impact of debt restructuring on creditors?

    Debt restructuring can have various impacts on creditors, depending on the terms of the restructuring agreement and the financial situation of the company. Here are some possible scenarios:

    1. Reduced payment amounts: Creditors may agree to a debt restructuring plan that lowers payments over a longer period of time. This may mean that creditors receive less than they were originally owed, but it may be a preferable option compared to the company entering liquidation.
    2. Delayed payments: A debt restructuring plan may involve delaying payments to creditors. While this may be a temporary inconvenience, it may be preferable to the company entering liquidation, which could result in no payment at all.
    3. Extended payment terms: A debt restructuring plan may allow for longer payment terms, which may reduce the immediate burden on the company and provide creditors with a more predictable repayment schedule.
    4. Security or collateral: Creditors may require the company to provide security or collateral in exchange for restructuring their debts. This can provide some protection to creditors in case the company is unable to meet its obligations in the future.

    Overall, the impact of debt restructuring on creditors can vary depending on the specific terms of the restructuring agreement and the financial situation of the company. Creditors may have to accept some concessions in order to support the restructuring plan, but they may also benefit from a more stable and predictable repayment schedule in the long term.

  • Does Debt re-structuring affect your credit rating?

    Yes, debt restructuring can affect your credit rating. When a company or individual undergoes debt restructuring, it typically involves negotiating with creditors to agree on new payment terms and may include a reduction of the total amount owed, a lower interest rate, or an extended repayment period.

    If the debt restructuring is successful, and the borrower makes all of their payments on time, it may have a positive impact on their credit rating in the long run. However, if the borrower defaults on any payments during the restructuring period or fails to meet the terms of the new agreement, this can have a negative impact on their credit rating.

    It’s important to understand the potential impact of debt restructuring on your credit rating and to work with a financial professional to develop a plan that minimizes the impact on your credit score while also managing your debts effectively.

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I cannot thank Exodus Insolvency enough for the support they provided me and my business. When I realized I was no longer able to keep up with my debts, I was afraid that my business would go bankrupt and that I would lose everything. However, Exodus Insolvency provided me with expert advice and helped me create a realistic plan to manage my debts. With their help, my business was able to survive, and I am now back on the path to financial stability.

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Exodus Insolvency is a lifesaver! After struggling for years to pay off my debts, I decided to seek professional help. I am so glad that I found Exodus Insolvency. They were able to negotiate with my creditors and come up with a payment plan that worked for me. Their team was professional, friendly, and always available to answer my questions. Thanks to Exodus Insolvency, I am now debt-free and able to enjoy my life without the constant worry of financial stress.

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